Wood Type

• Quick, fast movements

• Enjoys or skilled with running or moving

• Impatient

• Easily becomes angry or loses temper

• Alert and responds quickly to stimuli

• Good diplomat (human)

• Quickly forms ideas, but then changes his/her mind

• Narrow-minded and intolerant to different ideas

Fire Type

• Easily excited

• Extroverted

• Love to be loved

• Tends to be the center of party

• Loves and is skilled at fostering a social life

• Difficult to calm down

• Sharp mental activities

• Inventor: suddenly conceives good ideas

• Persuasive: skilled at inspiring others

• Proficient in competition or fighting

• Aggressively peruses ambitions

• Arrogant attitude

• Exaggerates

Earth Type

• Honest and kind

• Takes care of others (A good type for a mare)

• Generous and modest

• Laid back

• Humble

• Speaks and walks neither fast nor slow

• Easily satisfied

• Holds oneself aloof from the world

• Slow response to a stimulus

• Good worker, but a little slow

Metal Type

• Foresight and sagacity (good vision)

• Broad-minded

• Good organizer

• A leader in a group

• Always follow the rules

• Righteous

• Holds oneself aloof

• Confident and consistent

• Haughty or vain

Water Type

• Introverted

• Terrified or fearful about everything

• Quiet but a good observer

• Skilled at planning and scheming

• Good advisor or supervisor

• Prefers deep thought

• Willing to live alone

• Very consistent, but slow when doing something

• Sinister or insidious if evil

• Fear biter